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Dear Entrepreneur,

If you've been struggling to turn barriers into breakthroughs, hit your monthly income goals, or figure out the best blueprint to follow then this is going to change the way you do business.

Even if you don't plan to buy anything from this page, I promise you'll be walking away with valuable business advice because I am a firm believer in giving FIRST.

That's right, you'll be learning some cool stuff on what makes million dollar entrepreneurs 'tick' before you even buy anything. (this is probably the most 'informative' sales page you've ever seen! 🙂

Right now there's a lot of upset, unhappy and angry people out there. Getting ripped off, being in a state of confusion, and struggling with information overload...

So first thing I want to do is help you de-clutter your mind, gain crystal clear clarity on your business game plan and most importantly, reclaim your lost enthusiasm and confidence.

Sounds good?


Before I Get Into The Meat and Potatoes, Let Me Tell You Who I Am & Why You Should Listen To A Word I Say...

My name is Emmanuel-Sunny Ojeagbase. I am a Business Owner, Success Coach, Author, and Pastor.

I am the founder of Complete Communications Limited, a company that houses Complete Sports newspaper which is the no. 1 newspaper in Nigeria.

Among others, I also lead a growing community of local online and offline Business owners.

It's okay if you've not heard of me before this. You may look my name up on Google (I also have my own Wikipedia page)

As you can see, I've been around for a long time and yes I wear many hats 🙂

But I'm not here to talk about my successes. I'm here to talk about YOU and most importantly, how I can help you go from where you are today to where you want to be in the near future.

I am now at a stage where giving back to people and paying it forward are my utmost values.

The State Of Internet Marketing Today...

If you hang around long enough, you can't possibly miss the vicious cycle repeating over and over again.

Newcomers to the world of digital marketing bedazzled with hyped up income claims and promises of quick riches...

Marketers selling shoddy, poorly tested products and take little pride in their work...

"Shiny objects" a.k.a. the latest way to make money online...

Who's the victim at the end of it all? Often times, the innocent Internet newbie!

The well-meaning person that just wants to go online and find a way to make an honest side or full-time income.

Now this isn't exactly new - it's been going on since Day 1 - but do you feel it's going from bad to worse in recent times? No wonder trust is getting harder to come by these days.


What If I Told You Making Money Isn't That Hard?

Call me "old fashioned" but I've been doing business for over 4 decades now, and I've been online for less than half that time.

If you use basic business acumen and cut through all the noise out there, you'll realize that most people - even well-intention ones - make it more complicated than it actually is.

Sure, there are probably a million ways to make a million dollars...

E-Commerce, Digital Product Publishing, SEO, PPC, CPA, Solo Ads, Media Buy, Arbitrage, Joint Ventures, JV Brokering, Affiliate Marketing, FB Ads, Social Media, Consulting, Coaching, Software, SaaS, Scripts & Templates, Service Providing, Copywriting, Graphics - the list goes on...

... But really, do you need to do them all?

Yes, you will find there are successful people in everyone of these methods, but you won't ever find them doing everything.

Instead, I suggest you stick to a few core principles that you absolutely can't go wrong with. It's proven to work for years, and will continue for a long time to come.

It works offline. It works EVEN BETTER online.


Proven Blueprint To Wealth: What Millionaire Experts Do To Make Money In 4 Steps...

When it comes to creating a profitable long-term business, I'll sum it up in 4 main steps (and so you get a better idea, I'll share some REAL examples of public figures you might already know...)

1. Create And Demonstrate Valuable Content

If you want to attract the right audience, it all starts with your message. But don't expect to wing it with just 1 or 2 'pieces' of content.

When you study the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk and Dan Lok, they're consistently putting out content on a daily basis. While you don't have to do that, you should have a set schedule or frequency.

The more targeted content you put out there, the higher your visibility in the market. This is all the more imperative if your offer is less understood and requires more education and awareness building.

2. Build A Loyal Following

This is as time-tested as it can get, and there's no particular public figure to mention because... Everyone should be having their own email list!

Yes social media is growing more popular than ever, but email remains the leading channel for online sales.

Whether you sell digital products, training or E-Commerce, if you want to be able to continuously reach out to your subscribers and Customers there is no better way to do it than via email marketing.

So if you're not building your list right now, why not? Start doing it today!

3. Have Your Own Products

Again, what do all millionaire business owners have in common? Yup, they have their own products.

It's not affiliate marketing. It's not joining a Network Marketing program.

Sure, you can make a lot of money doing these - but if you want to exercise CONTROL and FLEXIBILITY you should be owning the ladder, not climbing it!

This is why Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad series wrote dozens of books and produced multiple programs and the signature board game CashFlow.

This is why Grant Cardone didn't stop at writing just the 10X book. This also leads to the next point...

4. Have Your Own Flagship, Premium Program

Of all the components, this is responsible for making income and impact breakthroughs for countless entrepreneurs.

Selling your own digital products, books, and low-priced items have their place in the funnel... but nothing beats having your own signature Program that you can charge thousands of dollars or higher.

T Harv Eker has his high-level Signature Programs like Quantum Leap, Warrior Training, Guerrilla Business Intensive, and Train The Trainer. Tony Robbins has Date With Destiny among others...

Put all these components together and that's exactly what all successful Millionaire Business Owners are doing.

This is what I've been doing to grow all my Businesses and Ventures over the last few decades, in one form or another. As you can see, the same principles apply online AND offline.

That's Why I Created These Marketing Titles...

"Online Prosperity Bundle"

As a whole, I am calling it the "Online Prosperity" Bundle.

The 4 Marketing Titles are named so after each of the Components I've mentioned above. Let's go through them in detail...

Online Prosperity Title #1: Content Marketing Secrets

Content Marketing Secrets is a complete and comprehensive blueprint to kickstart your content marketing journey and elevate your online business.

In this blueprint, you will discover 6 bulletproof strategies that work and is proven time and time again.

This blueprint will also unravel the characteristics of high-converting content, tactics which are not widely shared and kept secret by expert content marketers.

What You Will Learn:

  • Practical and easy tactics to help you from zero to hero
  • The secret that experts or no one else ever bothered to tell you about content marketing techniques
  • Why content marketing is important for your business
  • 10 methods to come up with content ideas almost instantly
  • How to come up with your own content marketing strategy
  • Simple doable tips that will help you write persuasive content
  • 6 major characteristics of high-converting content
  • How to promote and market your content
  • 10 places to distribute your content and generate even more leads
  • And so much more...

Online Prosperity Title #2: Email List Secrets

You will discover not one, not two, but MULTIPLE list building techniques that you can pick, choose, mix, and match... and use in this 45-page, easy to read blueprint.

Most manuals and courses on the same subject out there often touch on one or two specific list building methods which they might or might not work for you.

This is because everyone is different and so are their needs, skills and specialties. Which is why I am introducing multiple totally different, unique, superb list building strategies that you can use for your own...

... and grow your very own responsive online mailing list for maximum profits in the shortest time possible!

What You Will Learn:

  • The 7 totally different and unique strategies that you can easily execute right now and build your mailing list from scratch! It doesn't matter if you have only a few hundred subscribers or even 0 - these methods can be taken into action right away!
  • How to quickly convert website visitors who would otherwise simply surf your website and then leave into possible clients and money in your wallet by better interacting on a more “1-to-1” platform.
  • How to do article marketing the right way so you can foster relationship building among all your list
  • The SEO Experts Way Of running a highly successful Pay-Per-Click campaign
  • The foolproof methods of using Facebook Ads as a very profitable method of getting people to subscribe to your list.
  • How to use press release to gain viral exposure to your list building websites
  • How to maximize your business’s credibility and trustworthiness while helping you build a quality email list through Special Reports.
  • And so much more...

Online Prosperity Title #3: Funnel Secrets

Funnel Secrets is a complete and comprehensive blueprint to help you design highly profitable funnel for any products ideas that you may have.

With this, you will witness EPIC results as you DOUBLE... even TRIPLE your profits - all seemingly with no extra effort, no extra customers, and no extra traffic!

What You Will Learn:

  • Valuable secret techniques used by successful Internet marketers out there to double or even triple their sales
  • Get instant results without worrying on how to promote and sell your products by just making use of the Sales Funnel for your business
  • How to construct an irresistable Front-End Offer
  • How to give great first impression to build strong and attractive Front-End offer
  • How to create an upsell with sky high conversion
  • How upsell works and its benefits in this component
  • How to developing high-ticket backend and command prices of $5,000 or more
  • How to write buyer follow-up emails effortlessly
  • How to create your own killer sales funnel on JVZoo / WarriorPlus / ClickBank / any other platform
  • And so much more...

Online Prosperity Title #4: High Ticket Secrets

The Ultimate Blueprint To Generating High Ticket Clients On Demand

This is the ultimate guide for anyone who's looking to get serious about getting high paying clients, and want to grow their coaching and consultation business to greater heights.

By utilizing all the incredible information and strategies in this guide, you'd be a High Ticket sales expert in no time!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to get high paying Clients anywhere from $2,000 up to $25,000! (this alone is worth way more than everything else you see on this page)
  • How to position yourself as an authority expert in your field
  • The types of High Ticket Programs you can do, and how to do them well
  • How to find targeted clients with Facebook
  • Useful strategies to use in your High Ticket Business, such as techniques to close the sale, follow up and qualifying your leads
  • How to win the hearts and minds of your Clients
  • And so much more...

These are the 4 cornerstones to any successful Business. While I've seen experts focus on each area, I think it makes sense to offer you a more holistic approach.

Most people try to wing it in business, not realizing you cannot make do with just 1 or some working components. To create a truly sound Business, all the dots must connect - and you're looking at them right now.

This is the reason why I came up with a more wholesome approach, and it's only apt that I call it the "Prosperity" bundle because hey, surely you believe in abundance too, right? 🙂

And no, you don't have to be in Business for over 40 years to start seeing results. The idea is to start today, take action, and see results as you go (but promise you act, ok?)



What Price Will You Pay For Success?

If you've been going around in circles longer than you'd like then it's time to stop, take a breather, and recalibrate your direction.

Because right now, you are about to be given the same roadmap every wildly successful Business Owner is using to create an online empire for themselves.

Do you have to do everything at once? Not at all.

But if you take action on every step outlined in any of these Courses, and do it as a habit everyday then you practically guarantee your own success.

For the record, I've personally invested well over high six figures in education ALONE over the years, in the form of books, seminars, personal coaching, and Masterminds.

So it's true. If you pay $25,000 and you make a million dollars in return, that's an absolute no-brainer.

But of course, I know not everyone has that kind of money laying around (and I'm not implying or suggesting you WILL make that amount - because it depends on your efforts and work ethics)

And if you're not doing well at the moment, even $10,000 feels like a million dollars.

So let's cut the chase -- I want to make this affordable to you.

Note that there are Training Courses being sold anywhere between $97 to $497 EACH - and I'm talking about the really good ones out there.

So of course, it would've make sense for me to charge prices like this PER Course.

$197 x 4 Courses = $788 Selling Price?

Thus for me to offer all these Marketing Titles for the nominal investment of just $27... well let's just say you have to be drunk or insane to pass this up.

If You Thought That Was Amazing, You're Going To Love This...

When I created the Courses, it was to be with my name and brand on them. But I know how product creation is a serious problem to a lot of people, and the online marketplace is sorely lacking in great material.

The only way I can reach out to more people is if I allow the contents to be private labeled. So I want to go the extra mile by giving you the


If you've bought any Licenses before, you know it can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars - and higher.

By right I should be putting a $5,000 price tag on this... maybe higher...

But I think it's more important and urgent to get this into the hands of many. So I'm going to give you the license to resell this - at no extra cost.

This version of the marketing courses are unique, in that mention of my name and brand are removed. Therefore you can conveniently private label as yours and resell.

To that end, I am also sponsoring you the marketing materials you need to succeed.

(Don't be carried away with the resale opportunity however... the real gold is still in learning from the Marketing training themselves)

But what's stopping you from doing BOTH?

You can learn from the Courses on building your Business.

You can also resell and make money!


What's Included In The Private Label Rights:

Component #1: Top Notch, Quality Content To Creating Successful Online Business ($1997 Value)

The Online Prosperity PLR Bundle is a brand new and unique product that contains the latest and most up-to-date information on creating a successful online business.

The bundle is packed with over 30 chapters and more than 30,000 words written based on my decades of business experience and also the most up to date and working strategy on creating a successful online business.

But mostly importantly, every bit of information in this bundle has no fluff - meaning your user or even yourself can benefit from it and generate massive wealth.

What's Included?

  • The latest and most up-to-date information on creating a successful online business.
  • A total of 29 Chapters of top-notch, highly relevant content that will help you dominate each of the 4 niches mentioned above.
  • Full PLR Rights given along with Editable DOC and PDF format so you can freely edit the book however you wish to customize the content to your personal taste

Component #2: Ready To Go HTML Sales Page & Thank You Page For Each PLR Product In The Bundle! ($997 Value)

We’ve done the heavy-lifting for you.

Your ready-made sales page were written by our professional in-house copywriter specialized in driving crazy conversions. So, you have one of the most difficult parts taken care of.

And now, you can now sell this product from the get-go! Plus, you'll get not 1, but a total of 4 sales pages and thank you page for each of the product in the bundle!

All that's left to do is is send traffic and see money start rolling into your bank account, even when you're sleeping.

Component #3: Hypnotizing Sales Video ($497 Value)

Video has been proven to convert better than just plain text and image. Our talented copywriter and voice over talent has created a high converting sales video for each of the products that you can simply upload them and watch your conversion soar!

Component #4: Editable Graphics & Covers ($250 Value)

You get access to all the graphics and covers including their PSD files so you can easily customize and re-brand it as your own!

You can edit the PSD files in Adobe Photoshop or alternatively GIMP (a free software available to download online) – add your name and URL, change the title, change the colors… it’s totally your choice!

Component #5: Private Label Rights License To Online Prosperity (Value: Priceless)

You get a private label rights license to the Online Prosperity Bundle which means you can re-brand it, rename it, create your own graphics, and most importantly you can resell it as your own high quality training! You can also use it as a bonus to your current IM offers, or include it as an upsell in your sales funnels! With the PLR you can resell this product unlimited times!

What You Can Do With The Private Label Rights Opportunity?

  • Sell it as it is and keep 100% of the profits
  • Use this personally and generate wealth and success for yourself
  • Use the contents as an Upsell!
  • Re-brand it and keep 100% of the profits!
  • Give some content away as a bonus
  • Add it to your existing product to increase its value
  • Use the content to post on your social media
  • Use it for Newsletter
  • Re-purpose the contents for your blog posts
  • Use it to create podcast episode
  • Create a mini course for each of the product!
  • Translate it to your country's language and profit from first mover advantage!
  • Sell it as a ready-made ebook
  • Use it as a Lead magnet and grow your list
  • Use the content for your webinar
  • and many more!

Fast Action Bonuses (For A Limited Time Only)

Online Training On Lead Generation

What do all Businesses need, whether big or small? Leads.

Anyone who masters the skill of lead generation pays the bills. That's why I'm excited to announce this Bonus Training I've been able to arrange for you...

Not only will you learn how to generate leads for your own offers but let's go a step further... What if you have a set of innovative offers that no business could refuse?

With the ability to get your foot in the door with the right offer tailor-made for their business and with the ability to upsell them to other services down the road to reach a high recurring monthly payment?

What if you could offer these services without having to do any of the fulfillment, without having to figure out how to sell them, without having to find the leads to offer the services to, and without even having to open an official business or deal with billing?

Now you can!

$297 Value Now Yours FREE

Note this training is time sensitive and begins February 14th, only for our Customers!

Are You Ready To Level Up?

As you can see, I am upping the ante here. There's just a lot of bad products going around in circulation out there. You and I are sick of seeing that.

And believe me, this is red herring at best. Let's not have that distract you from achieving success.

I want to help you get there the same way I've helped countless other Business owners and entrepreneurs in the making.

So I'm making the Online Prosperity Bundle affordable - only for a limited time.

Again, I could have and should be charging $5,000 or more for everything that went into making this bundle.

Maybe $2,000 if I were to be lenient...

But hey, let's talk about making positive changes and impact to the Business community worldwide.

So I'm making this EASY for you to get.


Risk Free Acceptance Form

YES! I Want Instant Access Now! I understand that I'll receive instant access to:

Online Prosperity  Bundle + Private Label Rights

The following are the titles in this Package:

  • 1. Content Marketing Secrets
  • 2. Email List Secrets
  • 3. Funnel Secrets
  • 4. High Ticket Secrets

With the Private Label Rights, the following Components are included:

  • Editable Word document access to all the Titles in this bundle
  • Professional Sales Page & Thank You Page to all Products (OptimizePress 2.0 and HTML format)
  • Sales Video MP4 to each Product
  • Graphics & Covers in PNG, JPG and PSD format
  • Private Label Rights License To All Marketing Titles

And by acting today, you also claim these Fast Action Bonuses:

  • Fast Action Bonus #1: Bonus Webinar On Lead Generation & Agency Setup ($297 Value Yours FREE)

Get Instant Access For Just $997 $27 Current Dimesale Price Special

Online Prosperity PLR Bundle

Emmanuel-Sunny Ojeagbase
Business Owner, Success Coach, Author, & Pastor

P.S. What? Still Here?

Haha, okay. Just want to share something personal with you and a big part of why I'm doing this...

That's me and my wife in the picture above, taken sometime after I was discharged from the hospital. While I've been in business for decades, I disappeared suddenly for a while. 8 years to be exact.

I left the coaching and training scene on account of health issues. And you know, when you're sick or down suddenly you appreciate everything you took for granted.

While I'm glad to be back on my feet again and reclaimed my health, I must say the years away changed me.

If I have your permission to share, a large part of what I do is driven by serving God. And I express this through serving as a Pastor, and teaching Business to my growing community here in Lagos, Nigeria.

Now whatever religion or belief you subscribe to, let's agree there's always a Higher Power.

Money is important, but delivering impact ranks above that. The right thing to do is to serve others at the highest level possible.

This is the message I hope to express through the Online Prosperity bundle, and in the right hands not only will you be able to create an income for yourself, you too can influence others for the better.

That's why I am making this reachable for you. God bless and more power to you!

money back logo

Your Money Back Guarantee

I am so completely convinced that this is the best investment you could ever make for your life and business that I am going to take all the risk away from you, at this very moment.

So if you are not 100% satisfied with this product within 30 days.. I want you to immediately return it for a full refund of your entire purchase price.

So get your copy of Online Prosperity PLR Bundle today.


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